Getting Around Morocco

Around Morocco


Intercity trains connect all of Morocco’s cities. They run on regular schedules from the early morning until near midnight depending on the line. Tickets can be purchased for « open seating » second class, or « reserved seating » first class, the second option is generally recommended. Information about stations, schedules and fares can be found at the ONCF website (in French and Arabic only).


There are a number of bus routes that connect various places in the country and run from the early morning until around midnight. Premium tickets with more comfortable seating, food and drink service, as well as WiFi, can also be purchased. For more information visit the CTM website (in French and Arabic only).

Grand Taxis

Grand Taxis are large, white, privately owned Mercedes sedans. They can be found at authorized taxi stands in all of Morocco’s big cities, or if you’re staying in a hotel, you can ask the front desk to call one. They can be hired as shared rides, often with up to 7 people, or privately reserved for the day. As there are no meters prices should always be negotiated and agreed upon before the trip.