Getting Around Fez

arround FEZ

On foot

A lot of Fez exploring will take place in the medina, or old city of Fez, where the best way to explore is on foot. Not only is the medina largely closed off to cars, but the open roads are often highly congested, filled with scooters, and plagued by roundabouts. Grab a map or guide and navigate the winding side streets on your own.

Petit Taxis

Petit taxis are red compact cars that charge between 5 Dh and 15 Dh for trips within Fez during the day and slightly more at night. If the car has a working meter, make sure it starts at zero during the day and 2.40 Dh at night. If it’s broken, negotiate a price before you get in the taxi and never pay more than 15 Dh by day or 25 Dh by night if you’re staying within the city.

Grand Taxis

Grand taxis are fancier Mercedes you’ll find near petit taxi stops and at major hotels. They have no meters and often require haggling to settle on a price, but they’ll take up to 6 people to out-of-town destinations.